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Our brochures include information and itinerries and suggestion for greek islands as well as mainland Greece.  We offer

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 Learn about Greece brochure and how to use most effectively your time in Greece

Greece travellers struggle when come to selection of product or destinations when researching their trip to new destination. As a Greece destination specialist we try to offer as wide as possible range of product from Greece Holiday Packages to Sightseeing tours and Greece Car rental. Our brochure has been divided into sections showing a variety of options available to help both first time as well as repeat travellers to Greece. We also cater for those who wish to start their holiday in Greece and finish in Turkey. We have designed a large selection of Greece Holiday packages with itineraries starting from just a few day stay in Athens (Athens Two & Three Night Pack), through to a series of tours visiting Athens and one or 2 islands as well as comprehensive tours of various durations that cover the most famous sites of Greece. In Athens and mainland Greece we offer private sightseeing tours as well as Greece coach options. For those with limited time who wish to see many islands we offer Greek island hopping and Greece sailing holidays on large or small vessel. We deal with a large selection of Greece hotels, Greece tours and Greece cruises to suit any taste or budget, ranging from basic to luxury and even yacht charter for those looking for a special experience. Whatever your taste, we can find the right choice for you regardless if it is or not in the brochure.
Our Greece on a Budget brochure is also available online with cheap Greece accommodation and cheap Greece tours and cruises.

Information about Greece:
Recomended duration of Stay in Greece

Athens and main sites in mainland Greece can be visited within 7 days, but for those that wish to get the taste of the Greek islands as well the program of 10 days or more is recommended. Considering the travel time on the ferries or hydrofoils, sometimes difficult connection or unpredictable arrival or departure time we recommend at least 3 nights on one island which generally means 2 full days of free time on the island.

As there are many islands in Greece and each island is different so the best way to appreciate the beauty and diversity is to combine several islands into one itinerary. Our comprehensive itineraries are of 12 or more days and include accommodation transfers and ferries. We also offer programs that start in Greece and finish in Turkey to save you both time and money. Tours in the opposite direction from Turkey to Greece can be found in our Turkey brochure.

Must See Sites in Greece

Greece has a wealth of incredible sites. History buffs will love the Acropolis in Athens, Mycenae, Olympia, Epidaurus, Ancient Corinth and Delphi  on the mainland. Islands highlights include Minoan Crete, Santorini, Delos and Rhodes. Island Hopping through Greece  allows you to take advantage of seeing a range of Greek islands as each island has something special and unique to offer. There are hundreds of unspoiled Greek beaches, greek churches and monasteries and local markets not to be missed. Mediterranean cruises are very popular for Greek tourists.

Unique Experiences in Greece

A visit to the grand pinnacles monasteries of Meteora, sunset cruise on the island of Santorini, and a run through the original Olympic stadium in Olympia where the ancient games were hold are just the three iconic Greek must does. Although for many travellers the local greek food and wine are the highlights of their trips throughout Greece.



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